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Kids Safe GPS Tracking Watch

Kids Safe GPS Tracking Watch

$ 56.99 $ 85.14

Kids Safe GPS tracking watch with 1.54" touch screen. Features the Q750 learning system, SOS Call Finder and Sixfold Locator Tracker to locate when lost. 
It is a perfect combination of ergonomics, overload frame design and dual color environment friendly silicone strap. It ensures the wearer's comfort when the screen size become larger. The Q750 early learning system is a learning park for kids, and a kind of smartwatch like a animal zoo. It can help the kids  get to know of all kinds of little animals quickly and communicate with the animal anytime and anywhere. This early learning feature can let the kids have fun when they are learning. Parents can set the game time,the game function will stop once the game time goes by. It will get a notice once the learning time is over 20 minutes
NOTE: It is latest design, you must install the SIM card, then you can connect the phone APP. The SIM card only supports 2G network, it does not support in 3G and 4G data services.
Features at a Glance:
  • HD touch screen
  • Resolution:240*240
  • Full view HD eyes's protection screen
  • Watch size:47.5*39.5*14.5mm
Function introduction:
  • Six location ways
  • Touch screen
  • Early learning 
  • Anti-dropped alarming
  • Forbidden in class
  • Remote monitor
  • Chatting
  • Pedometer
  • Two-way conversation
  • SOS for help
  • Electronic fence
  • Alarm clock
  • Route-replaying
  • Incoming call firewall
  • Low power warning
  • Big colorful screen
  • Remote power-off
  • Love reward
  • Look for watch
  • Free platform
  • 6 location ways
  • BDS location method
  • GPS location method
  • GLONASS location method
  • WIFI location method
  • LBS location method
  • AGPS location method
  • WIFI connection function

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