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Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Ultra-Thin Design, Four Cleaning Modes

Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Ultra-Thin Design, Four Cleaning Modes

$ 176.63

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with an Ultra-Thin Design and Four Cleaning Modes gives you an excuse to sack your maid and hire and embrace the robotic era.

Looking like it has come out of a modern sci-fiction based in the future this ultra-thin designed robot is an automatic vacuum cleaner. There are four modes to choose from, which include Auto, Spot, Edge, Daily that can all be scheduled. Also with a large 0.4 liter dust bin capacity, this vacuum can store all the filth every time it cleans; therefore you just have to empty it when it gets full plus the dustbin can be washed directly with tap water. Each usage time when in operation is around 90 minutes, so you can relax while this little vacuum cleaner does its duty.

This vacuum has an intelligent suction power adjustment and will ensure no dust or dirt is left behind as it has four side brushes as part of the package. With an accompanying remote control you have the power to manage the vacuum cleaner with having to manually adjust the desire settings. It also has a battery that can be removed and there is also a power adapter and a charging base to give this vacuum the power it needs.

Put your feet and let the robots do all the work with this robotic vacuum cleaner. This new item is in stock in our warehouse right now and available to you at a factory direct wholesale price from the best provider of personal and health gadgets, Chinavasion.

At a Glance...

  • Robot Vacuum Cleaner
  • 4 Modes
  • 90 Minutes Cleaning Time
  • Ultra-Thin Design

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