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Uphone U5A Waterproof Rugged Phone - Android 4.2 OS, Dual Core CPU, IP68 Rating, Dust Proof, Shockproof (Black)

Uphone U5A Waterproof Rugged Phone - Android 4.2 OS, Dual Core CPU, IP68 Rating, Dust Proof, Shockproof (Black)

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UPhone U5A

Are you looking for that all round practical phone that can go face-to-face with the harshest conditions and still come out as a winner? Well, this is the Uphone U5A phone that has a rugged design, which can withstand the elements thanks to its tough rubber exterior. Ready for adventure, you should always consider the equipment you take with you when you go on a perilous journey and this rugged phone is the answer.

IP68 Rated Smartphone

Boasting an IP68 rating, this phone can withstand getting wet as well as being 100% completely protected from the ingress of dust and solid particles. This feature is very useful when exposes to the weather or you work in a wet environment such as a fisherman or a marine biologist. Also this phone is capable of surviving a few knocks due to having a shockproof design, which makes it tough and more robust than other smartphones that are available today.

Housed inside the ruggedized exterior is a dual core chipset that ensures this phone operates smoothly and effectively. Plus it comes with an Android operating system so you can enjoy one of the best user-friendly platforms to date and truly customize this rugged phone. Connect online so you can surf the internet and download apps from the wealthy Google Play store. Sync or pair with other devices using the phone’s Bluetooth connectivity and see even more diversity with the Uphone U5A. Whether you are in the construction industry or working in an outdoor environment, this practical rugged smartphone is waiting to assist.

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At a Glance...

  • Uphone U5A Rugged Phone
  • Android 4.2 Operating System
  • Dual Core CPU
  • IP68 Waterproof + Dust Proof Rating
  • Shockproof
  • 0.3 Megapixel Front-Facing Camera + 5 Megapixel Rear Camera

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